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Let's Create Online

Creator's Paradise is an exclusive private discord group and membership for creatives of all types who want to be part of a supportive community who create:

  • Print on Demand
  • Self Publishing
  • Podcasts
  • Writing/Blogging
  • YouTube
  • NFT's
  • Online Courses, & more.

Also learn about social media, online marketing, and everything else needed to advance your creative ventures.

A Peak Inside

Networking in Discord

The best way to learn is to be around other like minded people. So, if you love to create anything and everything online, you are around similar people who love creating.

Library of Training + Livestreams

Monthly livestreams and other mini courses being published all the time. Enjoy a library of online creating resources all right in your own login.

Let's Create Together

 🚀You'll have access to tutorials, tips, tricks, and much more to help you become an expert when it comes to your creative content. And in addition, you'll also be able to talk and collaborate with other people on the same boat as you.

💻My name is Flavio, also known as Wealth Profits on social media. I have started podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and successful social media accounts for myself and others. I have over 10k followers on Twitter and 2 large Facebook Groups.

🛣️But... I'm not an expert or a Guru. Consistency has been a factor in the success I've had, and it's been the reason for some of my failures. This community serves as a journey for all of us, myself included.

Why Creator's Paradise?

Anyone can start a podcast, YouTube channel, Etsy Shop, or blog, but only those that are consistent through community and knowledge, will keep it up.

Why Join Paradise?

✅ Private Community

Join our community for creators, where you can share and discuss your content, get feedback and tips from industry leaders, or ask for help with your next project.

✅ Monthly Zoom Calls

Join monthly zoom calls to get the chance to network with other members! Guest speakers will be invited to talk about their experience in the industry.

✅ Monthly Content Challenges

Who says you need an idea? Every month we'll post a new creative challenge, and the winner will receive a prize!

✅ Custom Tutorials

Designing your own website? Stuck on YouTube? No problem! We'll have tutorials on productivity tools that'll help you make your workflow easier than ever.

✅ Engagement

In the beginning it can seem like you are talking at a wall, but with community, they can be the early supporters and engage with your content.

Included With Your Membership At No Additional Cost

Join this group to chat and collaborate with like-minded creators & kickstart your creative journey!